1. Between Producers and Eaters: Shaping Mass Diets
  2. Discordant Diets, Unhealthy People
  3. From Neo-lithic to Capitalist Diets
  4. From Patent Flour to Wheaties
  5. Pushing Product for Profit: Early Branding
  6. Speeding up the Making of Food
  7. The Simplication of Whole Food
  8. Adulteration and Rise of Pseudo-Foods
  9. Spatial Colonization of the Industrial Diet: The Supermarket
  10. Meals Away from Home: The Health Burden of Restaurant Chains
  11. The Industrial Diet Goes Global
  12. Transformative Food Movements and the Struggle for Healthy Eating
  13. Case Studies of a Transformative Food Movement
  14. Towards a Sustainable and Ethical Health-Based Dietary Regime