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The Industrial Diet: The Degradation of Food and the Struggle for Healthy Eating (UBC Press, NYU Press 2013 – available in paperback).

The Industrial Diet chronicles the long-term transformation of food from essential nutrients into edible commodities that far too often 
fail to nourish us.  This book reveals
 how a combination of technological changes, population growth, and political and economic factors helped constitute and transform mass diets from the nineteenth century 
to the present day. In The Industrial Diet Anthony Winson details how the dominant economic logic of pushing product for profit has resulted in the systematic degradation of food and led to the saturation of our food environments with nutrient poor edible commodities.

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Critical Perspectives in Food Studies  (with Jennifer Sumner and Mustafa Koc, Oxford University Press, 3rd ed. 2021).

By bringing together original contributions by Canadian scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds, this collection introduces readers to the shifting interpretations, perspectives, challenges, governance issues, and future visions that shape the study of food and food issues in Canada and around the world.

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ContingentWorkContingent Work, Disrupted Lives: Labour and Community in the New Rural Economy  (with Belinda Leach, University of Toronto Press, 2003).

Winner of the John Porter Prize for 2003, awarded by the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association.

Contingent Work, Disrupted Lives examines the repercussions of economic globalization on several manufacturing-dependent rural communities in Canada. The authors argue that the new rural economy involves a fundamental shift in the stability and security of people’s lives and, ultimately, it causes wrenching change and an arduous struggle as rural dwellers struggle to rebuild their lives in the new economic terrain.

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The Intimate CommodityThe Intimate Commodity:  Food and the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex in Canada  (University of Toronto Press).

The Intimate Commodity was the first comprehensive study to flesh out Canada’s modern agro-industrial complex and to place its development in its historical context.

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Coffee and DemocracyCoffee and Democracy in Modern Costa Rica  (Macmillan and Between the Lines, 1989).

This books brings together an historical analysis of Costa Rica’s coffee economy and a conjunctural analysis of Costa Rica’s post-War political developments to understand how a liberal democratic politics emerged in a region dominated by military dictatorships.

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